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Buyer Persona Mapping and Competitive Benchmarking

Skip this step and you may be blindsided by competitors who know more about the buyer than you. We conduct qualitative research and combine it with first- and third-party data to build an ideal customer profile (ICP). We can then harness this knowledge to create campaigns centered around the buyer's lifecycle.

Predictive Analytics

Going beyond business intelligence to uncover relevance and timing can yield exponential results. We take the data you have, then apply decision analytics, profiling and modeling to predict the data you don't have. Since intent data is a predictor of buyer interest, using it can accelerate the purchase journey.

Account-Based Marketing

This is an inflection point, where sales and marketing align. Contacts are grouped into accounts, and treated as markets of one. We help identify buying triggers, sort decision makers from influencers, and work with you to personalize the outreach. As account intent surges, marketing and sales are in lockstep on the close.

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