We know how it feels


Who we are

OA Group is an innovative collective of like-minded folks with deep domain expertise who won't overcomplicate your life.

We are a marketing data consultancy, whose advisors combine the power of human intelligence with systems of insight that deliver high-value results. We're not interested in vanity metrics, only progress measured by business outcomes.

We are recognized sales and marketing leaders who have held executive positions at high growth startups, mid-size companies or large enterprises, most of us have worked in all three. And our reach extends beyond the Americas to Europe, Asia and the Middle East, with culturally precise knowledge and connections.

Engaging with us means an opportunity to work with immensely talented people who are intrinsically motivated to help you grow your business.

Our expertise

Innovators in demand creation, we're equally adept at determining growth strategy and orchestrating the execution of it. And we're certified experts on many best-in-class digital platforms.


But unlike other firms, we are platform agnostic and don't accept compensation from vendors if we recommend them to our clients.

The team

Margaret Pacheco
Executive Advisor
Ed Trachier
Executive Advisor
Becky Dennis
Executive Advisor