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Contact Discovery

Purchased lists are generally too good to be true, delivering less than 40% accuracy. We work with you to identify target audiences and adjacencies, then integrate multiple data sources to custom build the right data sets that grow the total addressable market of prospects most likely to buy from you.

Data Management

Companies that regularly maintain their database realize 66% higher conversions to revenue compared to those that do not. How accurate is your contact data? When was it last updated? We'll tune the engine with data hygiene, quality scoring and enrichment, then set up the processes for continuous improvement.

Marketing Technology Integration

Ready to automate the demand generation process? What should your marketing stack look like? Who will manage the tools? There are over 5,000 MarTech vendors, but none that can do it all. We evaluate your entire digital equation for customer acquisition, determine the success metrics, and recommend the most cost efficient platforms to enable your strategy.

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